Zarzo basket on a sandy beach

Déa Neile-Hopton

Déa’s journey as an artist began in Yorkshire at an early age and lead to completing a BA degree in Fine Art-Sculpture at Bretton Hall. She has been an artist, performer and teacher for over 20 years. She has been focusing on basket making and willow art since 2012.

Déa is based in South-West Wales, UK, where she runs her business Styx and Stone.  She has a passion for growing her own organic basket willow and grows a wide variety in a range of stunning colours. Déa exhibits her work in local galleries and sells in shops, markets and online.

Déa’s work is deeply informed by traditional and long-established skills whilst also being contemporary and made for modern lifestyles. Her work ranges from beautiful functional items to purely decorative works of art. 

Déa is neurodivergent, a term which encompasses conditions such as Autism, ADHD and mental health conditions. She is disabled and has a particular focus on using her skills to support other disabled or otherwise marginalised people.

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