Déa’s work is informed by long-established skills from British and European basketry traditions, whilst also being contemporary and made for modern lifestyles. Her work in willow, rush and other materials ranges from beautiful functional items to purely decorative works of art. 

Having a background in performance art, a large part of her work is influenced by somatic practice – where the lived experience of creating art is a fundamental part of the work. Déa searches for ways to live in harmony with the natural world and attain harmony in the body within the process.

Since living in South-West Wales Déa has felt a growing appreciation to be part of a community of basket makers and people working to reconnect to the land sustainably. She’s grateful to a number of local teachers who have generously shared their knowledge with her.

Déa was selected from over 500 applicants to take part in ‘Make it At Market”, a BBC TV series presented by Dom Chinea of ‘Repair Shop’ fame. During the making of the show Déa appreciated having mentoring from Eddie Glew a Yeoman Basket Maker and Sculptor. Working with Eddie pushed her skills and technical understanding to a new level.

Déa is neurodivergent, a term which encompasses conditions such as Autism, ADHD and mental health conditions. She is disabled and has a particular focus on using her skills to support other disabled or otherwise marginalised people. She offers bespoke workshops individually and in liaison with other groups and charities. As a Welsh learner of many years, Déa is eager to use the language to support Welsh speakers to develop their weaving skills. 

As a person of mixed heritage Déa feels privileged to be able to draw on more than one culture for inspiration in her work. Inspired by her cultural roots in subsistence farming in Jamaica her interest in growing and using natural materials feels like it reconnects her to her Caribbean and African roots. Whilst also actively and experientially connecting her to her ancestry in the land and history of Britain.